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NeedleForge offers the most ferocious, friendliest yarn creations for gamers and geeks alike. From monster creations familiar to anyone who has wandered their imaginations through a fantasy world, to custom "PC" characters who practically already have a life of their own. NeedleForge provides a crocheted, knitted or sewn plush that every friend will envy. A perfect gamer gift!


cutethulu monster

By popular request, here is our take on the eldritch horror who lies dead, or possibly sleeping, in his watery home of R'lyeh. He's available in jolly kelly green or spoooooky olive.

custom creations

combat wombat

Whether your favorite role-playing character is a Half-Orc, a Elf, or a Dwarf, NeedleForge can recreate your character in yarn. Check out some of our hand-made custom sample creations.